Conditional Checkout Fields For WooCommerce Version 4.0

One of the things every e-commerce store owner needs to have is a fast loading website. In fact, studies have shown that even a 1-second delay in page response time can result in a 7% decrease in conversions. That means if your e-commerce site makes $1,000 per day, a 1-second delay could be costing you $25,550 per year!

Since our customers have trusted our plugin to run on their e-commerce sites, we want to make sure that our plugin is not causing their sites to load slowly. Even shaving off a few milliseconds can help your store in the long run.

We’re thrilled to introduce version 4.0 of Conditional Checkout Fields for WooCommerce, which has a whole lot to offer including faster loading. We have worked hard to make this the best version of Conditional Checkout Fields yet!

Optimized Loading

Data storage for conditional fields has been completely updated in version 4.0 to optimize for faster data retrieval. We have created a new table in the database that will contain all of the conditional field data. This is a much more efficient way to store and retrieve data, resulting in faster loading checkout pages. Previously, we stored all conditional field data in WordPress options, which was less than optimal.

Version 4 load time chart

We ran four separate tests dozens of times to come up with an average load time for each test. We did this with version 3.8.9 (red bar above), as well as 4.0 (blue bar above). The tests were done on identical sites (same theme, plugins, products, server etc.) with the exception being the different versions of our plugin. As you can tell there were definitely decreases in load times across all of the tests.

WooCommerce Bookings Compatibility With Conditional Checkout Fields

One of the more exciting features is the compatibility with WooCommerce Bookings. WooCommerce Bookings always used bookable “products”, so Conditional Checkout Fields was technically always somewhat compatible with it. However, what we were missing was compatibility with the bookings that were using Persons and/or Resources. These make a bookable product behave somewhat like a regular variable product in WooCommerce.

To illustrate, think of a booking that has several types of people; for example, a tour operator offering different rates for Adults, Teens, Children, and Infants. That tour operator might need to use significantly different conditional fields for an infant than they would a teen or adult.

Now, with Conditional Checkout Fields and WooCommerce Bookings, you can do just that! Only the conditional fields that need to be shown to a customer will be shown based on the types of people they are booking.

Duplicate Conditional Fields

We have received a number of requests from customers to be able to duplicate conditional fields. Some users require a slightly different field for each product they sell. Or, require several fields for the same products, each collecting different information.

Now, store owners don’t have to set up each field from scratch. They can now simply duplicate an existing field and change just a handful of options.

Update Today!

If you have an existing valid license for Conditional Woo Checkout Field Pro, you should see the update available in your site’s dashboard. This can be updated like any other plugin.

If your license has expired, you can renew your license by visiting your account and following the upgrade steps.

Before updating from a previous version to 4.0, please make a full backup of your site’s files and database. This is good practice for any updates, but especially for major updates like this one. There is a database update process that must take place for version 4.0 to function correctly. If this process gets interrupted or fails for any reason, you may need to revert back to your last backup. You will see a database update prompt in your dashboard after updating the plugin. It is important that the update process is started right away, as certain steps need to be taken to migrate your field data from the old way of storing the information to the new way.

For everyone else, you can buy Conditional Woo Checkout Field Pro by clicking here.

Scott DeLuzio