What Conditional Checkout Fields for Easy Digital Downloads Does

It allows you to display additional fields at checkout depending on the downloads that your customer is purchasing from your Easy Digital Downloads store.

  • Collect all of the information you need from customers at the time of purchase.
  • Reduce unnecessary follow up emails to collect information from your customers.
  • All information is stored with the order for easy access.

Make Your WooCommerce Checkout
Experience Personal And More Enjoyable

Conditional Checkout Fields is one of the only plugins that lets you capture any additional information you may need from your customers based on the product(s) in the customer's cart. This is the premium version that gives you access to all the bells and whistles you need to fulfill every transaction on your website flawlessly.

Add an unlimited number of custom conditional fields

Add conditional fields for an unlimited number of products and variations

Add conditional fields based on the number of products being purchased

Display conditional fields for all products in a category or multiple categories

Choose from a variety of input field types

Adjust the order in which each field is displayed

What Our Customers say

The Conditional Checkout Fields plugin is a great option for you to collect the information at checkout in your WooCommerce store to get what you need to process your customers orders.

BobWP - Do the Woo @bobWP

I looked at a lot of these plugins but this one was hands down the best. Easy to use and allowed me to set up my checkout as I wanted it.

Reviewer name from WP.org

Single Site

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  • No hassle, cancel any time
  • 14 day money back guarantee

Up to 5 Sites

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Unlimited Sites

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What is "Conditional" with this plugin?

In short, almost everything. This plugin lets you display custom fields on the checkout screen (not the cart, shop, or product page) based on the product or products in the customer's shopping cart. If the product isn't in the cart, it will not display the conditional field, making for a cleaner, easier buying experience.

Can I show more than one conditional field at a time?

Yes! There's a setting that lets the field repeat based on how many products are in the customer's cart.

Can I show a field only for a specific variation of a product?

Yes! In your conditional field's settings select the product you want the field to display for. Then enter the Price ID(s) for that product that the field should display for. So, if you only want the field to show up for one variable Price ID, just enter the ID number in the settings. If it should show up for several Price IDs but not all, enter each ID number separated by a comma (i.e. 1,3,4). To show the field for all price variations, leave the variable ID empty.

Can I use the same conditional field for more than one product?

Yes! If you want a conditional field to display for more than one product or category, simply select the products or categories the field should be displayed for in the field's settings. You can choose one or more of each depending on your needs.

Can I charge an amount depending on the customer's response?

This plugin only provides a way to gather information. It is not able to modify the amount your customers pay.

Will previous entries determine new questions presented to customers?

This plugin displays fields based on the products that are in the customer's cart and not the responses to other fields. This can be achieved with some custom coding that we would be happy to help out with though.