6 of the Best WooCommerce Plugins to Power Up Your Store

WooCommerce is a powerful plugin for adding ecommerce functionality to WordPress. Even better, WooCommerce is free to use and offers access to many useful features built-in.

Depending on your needs, you may require extra features that don’t come prepackaged with WooCommerce. The following represent some of the best WooCommerce plugins to power up your store — empowering you to personalize it to your exact needs.

#1: Themify Product Filter

Themify Product Filter - one of the best woocommerce plugins

Themify Product Filter adds a helpful user-friendly element to the shopping process. It allows users to filter offerings by the factors most important to them, including color variations, sizes, price, and categories. It’s easy to customize according to the specific needs of your ecommerce shop.

If you offer just a few products right now, you probably won’t need to install this plugin yet but it involves functionality you’ll certainly want to consider as you grow. The more products you have, the easier you want to make the shopping process for your visitors.

The good news? Themify Product Filter is free to use, with regular plugin updates.

Download Themify Product Filter

#2: YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist - one of the best woocommerce plugins

YITH’s WooCommerce Wishlist plugin allows users to create a wishlist on your website. Straightforward to install and use, it adds a button on each product page that, once clicked, puts the specific product on that user’s wishlist page.

What makes this one of the best WooCommerce plugins is that a user need not be registered on your website to access or make changes to their wishlist. That said, registered users can share their wishlists with others, making the gift-giving process easier (and potentially reaching new customers in the process!).

The free version of YITH’s WooCommerce Wishlist offers everything you need to get started. For advanced functionality, like the ability to customize styling, you’ll want to consider the premium version.

Download YITH’s WooCommerce Wishlist

#3: Ultimate Reviews

Ultimate Reviews - one of the best woocommerce plugins

The Ultimate Reviews plugin empowers users to leave product reviews on your website. Though some people worry that inviting reviews might invite public negativity, the benefits definitely outweigh these possibilities.

Product and service reviews are critical for building a brand and marketing your business. More specifically, reviews help with building trust and loyalty. Allowing users to leave a review on specific products or services on your website gives your customers a voice while also creating an opportunity to receive useful feedback to make improvements.

The Ultimate Reviews plugin can be set up with the use of two shortcodes:

  • One that displays the review
  • The other one that displays the form where visitors can submit reviews

Note that you can customize whether to display product reviews for all products or specific products.

Additionally, one of the best WooCommerce plugins, Ultimate Reviews includes Gutenberg blocks for displaying reviews (and for the submit review form). You have the ability to manage user reviews and reviews can be filtered by user name, product name, or rating.

The free version of Ultimate Reviews offers many useful features. You can add advanced functionality, like upvoting, with the premium version.

Download Ultimate Reviews

#4: Conditional Checkout Fields

Conditional Checkout Fields - one of the best woocommerce plugins

Conditional Checkout Fields allows online store owners to easily collect any necessary information from the customer upon checkout.

The fields reflect the specific products in the customer’s cart. Owners can customize the input fields to request information needed to complete a transaction.

Conditional Checkout Fields helps ease the workflow around processing specific transactions, with no need to send a follow up email to collect this information. Although it’s perhaps best known for its association with WooCommerce, it can also be integrated with Easy Digital Downloads.

Single site licenses for Conditional Checkout Fields start at $89/year.

Download Conditional Checkout Fields

#5: Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce

Abandoned Cart Lite - one of the best woocommerce plugins

Baymard Institute reports that the average abandoned cart rate is 69.57%. Clearly, most ecommerce customers are happy to shop but shy off when it comes to actually converting the sale.

Abandoned Cart Lite helps turn this abandoned cart statistic on its head, working in the background to help recover and convert otherwise abandoned carts. To make it work, you must collect the customer’s email before they leave your website. Then, once they abandon their cart and leave their website, they’re emailed a reminder notification about what they left behind.

With the right timing, abandoned cart emails increase conversions exponentially.

Abandoned Cart Lite works in the background and automatically tracks customers with abandoned carts so that there’s no need for you to do it manually. The free version is quite robust but you can add extra functionality, like special incentives and discounts, with the premium version of one of the best WooCommerce plugins.

Download Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce

#6: AutomateWoo

AutomateWoo - one of the best woocommerce plugins

AutomateWoo is a marketing automation plugin for WooCommerce stores that contains a lot of useful features. You’ll definitely want to check out what we consider as one of the best WooCommerce plugins to convert and retain customers.

AutomateWoo’s features include:

  • Follow-up emails, including emails that ask for reviews from customers who already bought products, or suggestions for products that they might like
  • Abandoned cart feature
  • Target inactive customers by sending out special offers and recommendations
  • Personalized coupons
  • SMS notifications
  • Subscription automation
  • Wishlist marketing
  • Refer a friend
  • Card expiry notification

Download AutomateWoo

Final Thoughts: 6 of the Best WooCommerce Plugins to Power Up Your Store

WooCommerce is a robust tool for building an ecommerce store. Once installed, you’ll have access to many useful features — but might want to add additional functionality depending on what you’re selling and as your needs change with growth.

What would you add to our list of the best WooCommerce plugins? Did we miss something great? Tweet your thoughts at @checkoutfields!

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