What Conditional Woo Checkout Field Pro Does

It allows you to display additional fields at checkout depending on the products that are in your customer's cart.

  • Get the information you need from customers along with their order.
  • Eliminate follow up emails to collect extra information.
  • All information is stored with the order in one convenient location.

Make Your WooCommerce Checkout
Experience Personal And More Enjoyable

You've earned the sale. Now, earn your business a loyal customer by delighting your buyer with a personalized experience right on your checkout page. Conditional Woo Checkout Fields is the WordPress and WooCommerce plugin that lets you collect all of the customer information you need right at checkout. The fields that appear are chosen based on what’s in your buyer's shopping cart, so you never have to make guesses about a customer's wants, needs, and desires.

Conditional Woo Checkout Fields is one of the only plugins that lets you capture any additional information you may need from your customers based on the product(s) in the customer's cart. This is the premium version that gives you access to all the bells and whistles you need to fulfill every transaction on your website flawlessly.

Add an unlimited number of custom conditional fields

Add conditional fields for an unlimited number of products and variations

Add conditional fields based on the number of products being purchased

Integration with WooCommerce Bookings

Integration with WooCommerce Product Bundles

Add fees for conditional text box, text area, select menu, radio button, or checkbox fields

Choose from a variety of input field types

Adjust the order in which each field is displayed

Duplicate conditional fields to make creating new similar fields easier.

Edit any of the default WooCommerce checkout fields without having to edit any code

Export orders that contain certain conditional fields to a CSV file

Display conditional fields for all products in a category or multiple categories

What Our Customers say

The Conditional Checkout Fields plugin is a great option for you to collect the information at checkout in your WooCommerce store to get what you need to process your customers orders.

BobWP - Do the Woo @bobWP

I looked at a lot of these plugins but this one was hands down the best. Easy to use and allowed me to set up my checkout as I wanted it.

Reviewer name from WP.org

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  • No hassle, cancel any time
  • 14 day money back guarantee

Up to 5 Sites

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Unlimited Sites

  • Support and updates as long as your subscription is active
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What is "Conditional" with this plugin?

In short, almost everything. This plugin lets you display custom fields on the checkout screen (not the cart, shop, or product page) based on the product or products in the customer's shopping cart. If the product isn’t in the cart, it will not display the conditional field, making for a cleaner, easier buying experience.

Can I charge an amount depending on the customer's response?

Yes! You can add a fee to the customer's order based on their response to a conditional field.

The types of fees include:

  • Any entry: A fee will be charged no matter what the customer's response to the field is. This is great for extra fees like checking a box to add a gift wrap option.
  • Per letter: A fee will be charged for every letter that a customer enters into a text field. This is great for customized products where you can charger per letter.
  • Per word: A fee will be charged for every word that a customer enters into a text field. This is great for products, like trophies, that can be customized with a team name, the award information, etc.

Fees can be added to any of the following conditional field types:

  • Text box
  • Text area
  • Select menu
  • Radio buttons
  • Checkbox

For Select Menus and Radio Buttons, a different fee can be charged for each of the predefined options presented to the customer.

How does this plugin override existing fields?

It's easy to change any of the default WooCommerce fields. Here's how:

  • Change the field type. Choose between text box, text area, select menu, country list, state list, checkbox, password, radio, or date picker. Although you can choose to replace any field with a field type, be aware of the changes you're making. For example, it doesn’t make sense to ask for a customer’s name and then have the field type be a date picker.
  • Change the field label. Speak your customer's language. For example, instead of asking for a "postcode," you can ask for a "zip code."
  • Change the placeholder text. Brand your checkout page by changing the help text that shows up before a customer enters anything into a field. Get creative, or get clear. It's up to you.
  • Change the class of the field. Change or modify the CSS class of a field with this plugin.
  • Change the requirement status. Only require the fields you want to require; not what WooCommerce tells you to require.
  • Change whether the field is displayed at all. Don't clutter your page with unnecessary questions.

The only thing this plugin will not let you change is the default functionality of the existing WooCommerce fields. These default fields are not controlled by conditions set by this plugin, so you cannot control whether a certain default WooCommerce field is displayed based on what’s in the customer's cart or by any other entry made by the customer.

Can there be more than one conditional field at a time?

Yes! There's a setting that lets each field repeat based on how many products are in the customer's cart. Several fields can be linked to the same products or product categories, to allow for several different fields to be shown on the checkout page as well.

Can I use the same conditional field for more than one category?

If you want a conditional field to display for more than one product or category, simply select the products or categories in the appropriate field. You can choose one or more of each depending on your needs.

Can I show a field for a specific variation of a product?

Yes! We know our customers may find this useful when having products that come with a variety of options but all of those options may not require a conditional field on the checkout page. You can specify the field to be displayed only when certain variations of a product are in the customer's cart.

How do I add additional conditional fields?

Click the "Add Option" button at the top of the Conditional Checkout Field page. It's that easy.

Can I use this plugin along with the "lite" version?

Yes, this plugin works alongside the lite version. If you'd like to upgrade you do not need to uninstall the lite version first.

NOTE: If you uninstall the lite version, your customers might not see the information entered in the custom field when they checked out on previous orders that used the lite version. This information may also be removed from any admin menus, so it is important that do not remove the lite version if you wish to keep this data.

Will previous entries determine new questions presented to customers?

No. Fields are not displayed based on the customer's responses to other fields. The fields are displayed based on the products that are in the customer's cart only. However, we can help do this through custom coding.