Summer Camp Registrations Made Easy

Camps like yours can have hundreds of kids at a time, and you need to know specific information about each kid.

Allergies, medications, emergency contact info, age, and a number of other pieces of information needs to be collected for each camper.

Conditional Checkout Fields makes it easy to collect this information right at checkout.

Start Registering Campers Today!

Summer Camp Registration


Many families will register several kids at once. Conditional Checkout Fields will give them a set of fields to fill out for each camper right on the checkout page.


Certain activities are not suited for everyone. Campers should know how to swim for canoeing, and string a bow for archery. Know your camper's skills before they register.

Medical & Allergy Info

Easily find out if your campers have any allergies or medical conditions that your staff should be aware of. Each camper will have a field at checkout to provide their own medical background.